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Bluetooth technology is the worldwide wireless standard enabling the Internet of Things (IoT).

Likewise, Bluetooth technology was created as an open standard to permit connectivity and collaboration between disparate products and industries.

Bluetooth enables high quality

Among the most famous applications for Bluetooth has been wireless audio--headsets and handsfree connectivity in cars to wireless speakers and headphones that stream music from tablet or your cellphone. This runs on the variant of Bluetooth called BR/EDR (bit rate/enhanced data rate) that's optimized for sending a continuous stream of high quality data (i.e. music) in a power efficient manner.

Bluetooth Smart allows creation of smaller detectors

With the advent game blog of Bluetooth using its low energy functionality (Bluetooth Smart or BLE), programmers now have the ability to create small sensors that run off miniature coin-cell batteries for months, as well as in some instances, years. Several Bluetooth detectors use so little energy that programmers are starting to find methods to use scavenged energy, like solar and kinetic them--a potentially endless life from a power standpoint. This permits you to locate Bluetooth technology in billions of devices today, everything from phones to headsets to basketballs and socks -- a developer's imagination limits exclusively the use cases.

BR/ EDR and Bluetooth with low energy are simply distinct. Bluetooth with the http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1056476/ low energy is made on an entirely new development framework using GATT, or Generic Attributes. GATT is extremely adaptable from a developer's view and may be used for almost any scenario. As a result, Bluetooth connects devices together in an ultra-power efficient manner, but additionally directly links programs on your smartphone, PC or tablet and devices. It's GATT characteristics which are at the heart of the present IoT boom and the low energy. They are also in the heart of Bluetooth, making it the perfect fit for the IoT.

Bluetooth SIG works to make certain interoperability

Bluetooth technology layered with different services and is built upon a core specification. To find out more on specification and the technology, go here. Our Working Groups ensure the services and specification work to the best interoperability standards so consumers can know their Bluetooth products only operate.

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